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Expectations & Process

Thank you for taking a moment to review some important information about our moving services. We want to ensure that our customers completely understand what to expect from us when using our moving services.

  • Appointment Confirmation
    Please ensure that you have a confirmation for your move. We will provide you with a written confirmation for our moving, packing, or delivery services.
  • Booking an Appointment
    We book moving and delivery jobs on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to book an appointment, we'll need all the information on one of the request forms to be filled out. If you do not receive our confirmation email for your reservation within 24 hours, please call to ensure your information was received.
  • Appointment Timing
    We have both morning and afternoon moving appointments available to better serve our customers. The morning appointment begins between 9-930AM unless otherwise arranged. The afternoon appointment is generally between 1-3PM. The exact arrival time of our movers is contingent upon the completion of our morning appointment. If you have an afternoon appointment and our morning appointment is running later than expected, please be patient, we will be there.
  • Our Equipment
    Our trucks come stocked with all the equipment necessary for our movers to carry out your move in the most efficient manner possible. Hand trucks may not always be useful with several stairs or uneven terrain.
  • Multiple Trips
    If a second trip between your new and old home is necessary to safely transport all of your belongings without damage, the movers will let you know. You can make the call whether you'd like to have the movers finish the job or just take the largest items, leaving smaller, more manageable items for you to handle in your vehicle.
  • Saving Time
    If you are concerned about the time it will take to complete your move, have as much as you can in sealed boxes. This is one way to save moving time and money. Having the movers carry odds and ends by hand is very time consuming.
  • Moving Time Factors
    Every time you move, there are several factors that determine the total time it takes to complete your moving service. Here are a few: how many boxes, how much furniture, how many odds and ends, how many flights of stairs, size of elevator, long hallways/long carry out to the truck, and how many items need to be disassembled and reassembled.
  • On the Job Safety
    Your kids and pets are really cute! Little kids love our movers because we are really friendly and nice. But if they are at our feet when we are moving, we may stumble and drop whatever we are carrying. This is a hazard to your kids, pets and our movers as well. If animals are safe in a bedroom or bathroom, and children are attended to, we'll have a safe working environment. Let's all work together to make your moving experience accident free.
  • Workspace Congestion
    If you plan to have the cable and phone technician, painter, cleaner, contractor, and movers come all in one day, our job will be more difficult and time consuming working around all these obstacles.
  • Flexibility
    Unexpected circumstances arise from time to time during moves that increase a job's length beyond everyone's expectations. We'll do the best we can to accomplish the job in the time we estimated. We can assure you that our movers will be working as efficiently as possible.
  • Payment Policy
    Cash, debit card, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard) is due at time of completion. We are unable to send a bill for payment at a later date and we do not accept checks. No exceptions.

    Cash gratuities are always appreciated for a job well done.

Full Moves

“Full Move” service consists of (1) packing your personal and household items into boxes; (2) loading your items and furniture onto our truck; (3) transporting your items to the new location; and (4) unloading your possessions at your new residence. When we do a “full move,” we bring all the moving materials and supplies necessary to pack up your house or apartment. A separate packing crew is generally sent prior to your scheduled move in order to have everything ready for the movers. You are free to sit back and relax while we take care of all the packing and moving!

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Quick Moves

“Quick Move” service consists of (1) loading our truck with your furniture and household items that you have boxed ahead of time; (2) transporting those items to your new location; and (3) unloading your possessions at your new residence. “Quick Move” service is the perfect solution for moving small apartments or for partial moves. Most moving companies won’t take small or partial moves, but we are happy to do so and we do it with friendly, helpful and careful movers!

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Pick up and delivery service consists of loading, transporting and unloading of single items or large quantities of items. Rates may be determined by the weight and volume of your shipment, but in most cases regular hourly rates apply. Please call our office to discuss the details of your shipment with one of our moving experts. Since pick-up and deliveries are our specialty, you can expect the best service, safest transit and quickest delivery time!

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Packing Services

Need help packing? Want to enjoy your day instead of slaving away over cardboard and tape? Let us pack for you. Our trained packers will make sure all of your items are safely and securely packed while leaving you stress, and work free!

Boxes & Materials

Save yourself the hassle of having to go and purchase moving supplies and materials from a store by having us bring them to you! Our top of the line moving materials and low prices ensures safety and savings. In addition to safety, our boxes are designed to fit in our moving trucks perfectly, leaving more room for your furniture and or other items you may be moving.